New in August: coffee height Kitchen Game Table!
Introducing in August: Grey! This is the same high quality and durable velveteen we use on all our tables.

We’re all over Gen Con 2019—and if you’re staying at home, you can even see our Streamer all Gen Con long on their Twitch channel! We have a new fabric color starting in August (Grey) and a new coffee height option on the Kitchen Game Table. We also preview our next design—the “5×5″—and collect feedback from attendees. We’ll have a prototype of the “5×5” at Gen Con in our Exhibit Hall Booth 1953 (see details below).

Kitchen Game Table at coffee height $1099, includes table top.

Here’s a list of all the places our game tables will be and the events we’re attending.

Gen Con Exhibit Booth 1953

This was the Exhibit Hall booth last year. Look for our logo!

This is “home base” for us all weekend! Come see the new “5×5” prototype and our popular $899 Coffee Game Table. Jodi Black will stay near this booth.

Tabletop Showroom

When you’re walking from the Exhibit Hall to events in Lucas Oil Field Stadium, you can’t miss the Tabletop Showroom! Other game furniture manufacturers will be set up with us so you can examine a variety of styles and options in one place.

Our $1999 Banquet Game Table and the new $1099 Kitchen Game Table at coffee height will be on display here. Having the $1199 Kitchen Game Table available at coffee height is a new option for us! Clint Black will stay near this booth.

Lone Shark Games (Gen Con Exhibit Hall Booth 2833)

Our friends at Lone Shark host our counter height $1299 Kitchen Game Table in their booth! We will also use this table for The Stink. While that name sounds awful, it’s actually great. Read below.

Streamer on the Gen Con Twitch Channel

This is actually our Streamer Game Table on the Fantasy Flight Games Twitch channel. Watch them play here:

If you’re part of the #GenCant movement and staying home, you can watch lots of new games played and previewed on our $1999 Streamer Game Table here: .

Gen Con Event: The Stink! Wednesday 5-8pm Union Station Grand Hall

If you can be at Gen Con early and want to play some games and pick up some cool swag and prizes, plan to join us at The Stink! Tickets are free and guarantee swag. You can also just show up without a ticket, but please register so Gen Con gives them the space next year. Here’s the Gen Con event link.

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! Fun! tabletop roleplaying game that suits any genre and most ages.

We’ll have the counter height Kitchen Game Table set up here and plan to run fast demo games of the new Savage Worlds core rules. Donations from Pinnacle and Carolina Game Tables will both be available at this event!

Clint and Jodi Black work closely with Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Jodi is COO of PEG and President of CGT; Clint is Core Rules Guru of PEG and VP for CGT). So Savage Worlds ADventure Edition core rules—or #SWADE as it’s called by fans—is something they’re very proud of.

What Do You Think of the “5×5?”

We’ll have the prototype of this newest design in our Exhibit Hall Booth at Gen Con (Booth 1953), and we’d love to meet you and hear what you think about it!

Come see the new “5 x 5” prototype design at Booth 1953 at Gen Con 2019!

The “5×5” is five feet square with a 38′ square play area; same as the Kitchen Game Table, but with 11 inch edges. This design allows for four or eight cup holders, and may be built at coffee, dining, counter, or bar height. The prototype is at dining height. The dining top is a two piece design.

We look forward to seeing your reaction to the “5×5” prototype and anticipate hearing lots of feedback. We will have a suggestion box to accept new design ideas, since there’s no way we can keep track of them all!

Thank you for helping us spread the word about our classically styled and generously proportioned game tables. We are a family business and appreciate your support. We’re going to have so much fun at Gen Con, and hope to see you there!