Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us! We know choosing to make a payment on a game table is a big decision.

We will not share or sell your e-mail address, physical address, phone number, or other personal information with any outside party except in the following select circumstances:
* To the extent required to verify your payment with our payment processing partners (such as PayPal).
* To send you information via email.
* To arrange delivery through a third party service.
* When required by law.

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Secure Online Ordering

We offer online payment through PayPal for fast, easy, and secure online ordering. You do not need a PayPal account. You can enter your credit card securely on our site (in full disclosure, though, the payment processor is still PayPal). We also accept mail-in and in-person orders, all of which must be secured by payment via check, money order, wire transfer, or cash. For easier processing, however, we prefer you use our website to place your order.

Each product on our website offers one-click payment with PayPal or PayPal Pay Later. Clicking on PayPal Pay Later offers some customers 0% financing over twelve months! For complete details, log into your PayPal account.

No Refunds

Please note we cannot issue refunds on your payment and we cannot cancel or modify your order once it’s put into production.

There are many reasons for this: it’s standard business policy, especially for the furniture industry. We do not stock inventory but build each table as it is ordered. We “share time’ at a facility with other companies and the factory must juggle all those orders, so adjusting one order creates a chain of chaos. Even a “little” change like switching from one finish to another may delay your order and cause problems with other orders at the factory.

Plan for Shipping

All shipping is invoiced separately when your order is complete. Production time is currently estimated at six months.

Two In-House Payment Options

Prices for illustration purposes only; any applicable taxes are not included

2 Payments: Total Price of Table Now + Shipping When Ready

Thank you! Pay the full price of the Game Table down now (one payment) to enter immediate production, and pay only the shipping when it is ready.

3 Payments: Half Deposit Now and Balance at 4 Months + Shipping When Ready

Put half the cost of your Game Table down now to enter immediate production, then pay the remaining balance after 4 months. You’ll then pay shipping when your order is ready.

You may use the PayPal Pay Later checkout option for the Half Deposit option.

Contact Carolina Game Tables

Showroom address: 940 Tate Blvd SE Suite 108, Hickory, NC 28602

Mailing address: 508 4TH AVE NE, Conover, NC 28613

Text or Leave Message: 828-276-2390 (Jodi’s mobile phone)