The hardest part about the assembly of a Carolina Game Table is moving the heavy table base (the central play area and edges).

We recommend four able people to move and assemble our dining height or taller tables. This way each person lifts no more than 100 pounds.

  • If crated, remove the crate using a crowbar. Curbside Delivery requires a crate around the carton.
  • Open carton and remove packaging material. Please recycle cardboard.
  • Place table top(s) to the side on a protected surface, like a furniture pad or quilt.

Our dining tops are usually in two pieces like this, as seen from below. Note the edges of the dining top are covered in fabric so they don’t scratch the play area!

  • Practice safe lifting techniques to get the heavy table base out of the carton and into the room where you plan to build it. Use a person at each corner and lift on the count of three.
  • Place table base upside down on a protected surface in the room where you plan to use it.

  • Remove leg box and cup holder box (if ordered) from carton.
  • Open leg box. Remove nuts (and washers, if included) from bolts on legs. Sometimes nuts are stored in a separate plastic bag inside the leg box. Hardware missing? Oops! That happens sometimes. Run to the store and buy 12 “Metric 8 (M8) Hex Nuts.” They’re cheap. Washers are nice but not necessary.
  • Identify which legs go with which corners. Just match 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.
  • Thread leg bolts through steel reinforced corner braces on the underside of the table base. Secure with washers then nuts and tighten with a 12mm (metric) wrench.
  • Place table upright. Instead of trying to flip the entire table in one motion, raise it onto the long side first and re-position, then lift it the rest of the way so the legs are not used as a pivot.
  • Place cup holders into holes (if cup holders were ordered).
  • Place top(s) on table.
  • For cleaning instructions, read this page on our website:

Carton Dimensions

It’s often helpful to know how big these boxes are at delivery, and how heavy they are (weights shown below are in pounds). The table base is the heaviest and largest section to move.

Tables with cup holders are lighter than tables without cup holders. The height of a table will also affect the weight, but not the carton dimensions.

Coffee Game Table, coffee height
(table base weight only: 45)
53 x 13 x 36” 114 lbs
Kitchen Game Table, dining height
(table base weight only: 78)
53 x 19 x 52” 196 lbs
Dining Game Table, cup holders, dining height
(table base weight only: 133)
77 x 14 x 52” 261 lbs
5×5 Game Table, 8 cup holders, dining height
(table base weight only: 148)
66 x 20 x 66″ 232 lbs
Banquet Game Table, cup holders, dining height
(table base weight only: 148)
87 x 15 x 54″ 325 lbs
Streamer Game Table, cup holders, dining height
(table base weight only: 122)
98 x 15 x 57” 318 lbs
Tablezilla, cup holders, dining height
(table base weight only: 181)
103.5 x 20 x 62” 383 lbs

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Finally, just for fun… here’s an unboxing video from a customer. See how he built his Coffee Game Table!