5×5 Game Table Kickstarter to Run Aug 27—Sept. 23

If you’ve been as excited about our newest game table design as we are, we hope you’ll mark next Tuesday at noon Eastern (August 27th) on your calendar, and join us for the kickoff on Kickstarter!

Features of the “5×5”

This newest design is called the “5×5” or “Five by Five,” because the overall dimensions are five feet square. When the dining top is in place, one seam at the 2.5 foot mark divides the table, like a normal table leaf. 

The 5×5 as a dining table is strong enough to stand up to everyday use for eating, homework, craft projects, and everything else a normal family uses the central household table for!


The 5×5 seats 8 easily. Like all our game table designs, a top is included in the price.

When you’re ready to play a game, simply remove the dining top pieces to reveal a 38″ x 38″ square play area. Cup holders are an Add On option, and may be purchased as a set of four (one at each corner of the table), or a set of eight as shown.

The 5×5 is perfect for roleplaying games like The Goon™ RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This uses the award-winning Savage Worlds game system and is based on Eric Powell’s award-winning comic!

Wide edges like our eleven inch (11″) sides on the 5×5 are a signature look for Carolina Game Tables! These provide plenty of space for:

  • RPG character sheets
  • Board game components
  • Laptops
  • Full size books and rulebooks
  • Game boxes
  • Snacks
  • Drinks and our inset cup holders

We’ve fallen in love with this new design, and the feedback from attendees at Gen Con who saw it was overwhelmingly positive. This may become our new bestseller!

Why Kickstarter?

Marketing impact, bulk ordering, and being able to offer a price reduction for the first round of orders.

We’ve launched five game table designs since the Dining Game Table Kickstarter in 2015, and we tested the Cabinet Game Table design using Kickstarter in 2017. We still have customers who tell us they first heard of us from those Kickstarters.

Each project has long-reaching marketing impact. We never dream of being the next million dollar Kickstarter (we know that comes with as much risk as reward). Simply having a project—funded or not—keeps our designs in the public eye and at the top of search engine results.

We can also gather a large number of table orders for the same design this way, and pass the savings along to our backers/customers by offering a price lower than we will be able to offer for single-orders later. The base price for the 5×5 Game Table will be $1799 once it is listed for sale on our website. It will be $1699 on Kickstarter, or $2449 for a 5×5 Game Table and a Coffee Game Table set!

5×5 Not Your Thing? Then Check These Out!

We won’t be closing the shop while the Kickstarter runs, so you can still order our existing designs at www.carolinagametables.com.

Tablezilla $2199—$2599

Tablezilla! #RealCustomerPhoto by Lou. Sagamore Hill finish and Dark Blue fabric, Gold cup holders. Learn how to make the 55″ flat screen TV case here: https://youtu.be/Jqf-zysYYuI

Banquet Game Table $1999—2399

Banquet Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Janice. Sagamore Hill finish and Purple fabric.

Streamer Game Table $1999—$2349

Streamer Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee NA. Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

Coming Soon! 5×5 Game Table $1799 base price after Kickstarter ends. $1699 during Kickstarter.

Dining Game Table $1599—$1949

Dining Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by George. Sagamore Hill finish and Emerald Green fabric.

Kitchen Game Table $1099—$1399

Kitchen Game Table #RealCustomerPhoto by Josh. Sagamore Hill finish and Black fabric.

Coffee Game Table $899—$999

$899 Coffee Game Table in Elm finish and Dark Blue fabric.

If you have any questions, please email us at Info@carolinagametables.com. Thanks!