Our friends over at Pinnacle Entertainment, the makers of Savage Worlds, are very happy to announce their new joint venture with Paizo: Pathfinder for Savage Worlds.

We’re great friends with Shane and the rest of the folks over at Pinnacle – some of us also work for them too, after all – and we’re huge fans of the Savage Worlds system. Our Streamer game table is used in several Savage Worlds streams, including The Saving Throw Show.

Our Streamer table is also used by the folks at Paizo, makers of Pathfinder, for their own streaming. Do you stream? Find out more about the Streamer here.

Everyone involved is really excited to bring the world of Golarion and the rest of Pathfinder to the Savage Worlds system. We think Savage Worlds fans will enjoy the rich world of Golarion and its Adventure Paths, while Pathfinder fans will find a lot to love in the Fast, Furious, and Fun system of Savage Worlds.

You can back the Kickstarter here. See you in Golarion!