Are you interested in streaming your games on Twitch? Or do you want to use digital tools to bring your group together digitally during quarantine? Turn to the gaming table that the pros trust.

The Carolina Game Tables streamer is trusted by professional streamers like Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, Game the Game, Geek & Sundry, OneShotRPG, Game Trade Media, TWISTGaming, and the Saving Throw Show. The original prototype was co-designed by Ivan Van Norman of Geek & Sundry.

“FFG Live needed a high-quality platform to showcase our hottest games, and Carolina Game Tables delivered in spades. Their Streamer Game Table is designed and crafted with thoughtful modularity from top to bottom, and its formidable presence is the ideal marriage of form and function—the perfect centerpiece for a tabletop gaming livestream. And to top off their amazing craftsmanship, Jodi and the Carolina Game Tables staff have been fantastic to work with.” –Ryan Thompson, Media Department Manager for Fantasy Flight Games


Note the 2″ underside for hiding wires and 1″ lip for clamps.

The trapezoidal shape is perfect for getting everyone – players and GM – into the frame from one camera.

Camera holes and 2″ wide lip make mounting cameras and hiding cables easy

At 8′ long and 4.5′, the Streamer easily seats five – more if you use the fourth side.

Removable two-piece top – put the top on between filmings to protect continuity. Or put the top back on to use it as a regular table.

Camera mounting hole
Corner of the Streamer, showing the camera hole, beveled corner, and 11″ player edge and 4″ camera edge

Generous 11″ wide edges for players’ elbows, microphones, and character sheets.

Lined with commercial grade velveteen – durable and stain resistant!

Each corner has a standard 7/8″ hole for pole mounts – easily mount cameras and microphones – even an overhead camera.

3.5-4″ thick solid Indonesian mahogany legs, bolted together with steel – no wobbling here.

Customization Options

Available at Dining (30″), Counter (36″), and Bar (42″) heights.

Matching seats, benches, and storage benches available

Cup holders optional (but recommended)

Available in four finishes and eight fabric colors

Click here to learn more about your customization options.

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