More Than Meets the Eye!

The new Cabinet Game Table design allows for new options and yes, it transforms! (You add the sound effects) Last time we discussed how the table can attach to the front of the Cabinet with dual legs and a stretcher for maximum support.


We also mentioned that when not in use the table stores within the cabinet. Here’s how: the table is made up of two leaves which connect down the middle. When separated, one of the legs and half of the stretcher (which also connects in the middle) attach on one edge of a leaf to become carved trim. Each leaf then fits in a slot on the sides of the upper Cabinet with the carved trim facing out. The leaves are locked in place with a discrete bolt.


In short, the end result is simply a beautiful cabinet when the table is stored away.


Game Table in Disguise!

We thought that was pretty cool (and hope you agree), but then we realized the new design also afforded us a unique opportunity. Only one side of the table leaf is visible when stored in the Cabinet. We adjusted the design so the top is reversible to use either side!

Meaning…one side of the table is a gaming surface with a one-inch lip and fabric inlay.


That’s right, the new Cabinet Game Table is a game cabinet that transforms into a table and a game table!

Next week we’ll post more information about the Kickstarter, reward levels, etc. before the campaign begins on November 9th.

Please share with your friends so we can make this awesome Cabinet Game Table a reality!

PAX Unplugged Plans

Carolina Game Tables has a booth at PAX Unplugged!

Plan to stop by Booth 349 to see our Coffee Game Table ($899), Kitchen Game Table ($1199), and Dining Game Table ($1599, or $1749 with 6 cup holders). We’ll be on hand to talk about the new Cabinet design, but the sample for the new design is still in production–one reason we’re still showing off renders. The Streamer Game Table ($1999, or $2149 with 6 cup holders) will also be at PAX Unplugged in the Game Trade (Magazine) Media booth, Booth 203. Tablezilla? At 8 feet long and almost 5 feet wide, it’s just too big to transport easily to conventions. The price on Tablezilla is $2199, or $2399 with 8 cup holders added.

Don’t forget, we’re offering gold cup holders right now! Just make a note on your order. If you order a Game Table from our website and a Cabinet through the Kickstarter, they can ship together to save on your delivery costs!