It’s time to test the gamer market for solidly built, beautiful furniture to hold and display prized game collections—with the added bonus of a stowaway game table!—in our latest design, the Cabinet Game Table! Head to Kickstarter now if you’re ready to pledge! Read below if you just want to know how to help us out with the Kickstarter campaign.

But definitely check out our sweet Kickstarter video from Cheyenne Wright:


Cabinet Game Table Kickstarter In a Glance

  • There are 10 Early Bird reward levels at $2999 where you can choose your finish and fabric combination on the Cabinet Game Table.
  • Also $2999: Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric (our most popular combination on tables).
  • There’s also a $3099 pledge level to choose your finish and fabric (once the Early Birds are taken, this is your best option for a choice).
  • Retail price after the Kickstarter will be $3199 (but only if we meet our funding goal in the Kickstarter). As usual for orders placed on our site, we wait to invoice shipping once your order is complete (target May 2018 for the Cabinets).
  • If we meet our Kickstarter goal, payments begin processing on Cyber Monday, November 27th.

How Else Can I Help?

We have other reward levels ($2 Stay Connected and $25 Coasters).

If you pledge at the Stay Connected or above, you’re eligible for a reward when we unlock our first Social Media Stretch Goal! We don’t even need to reach our funding goal for this reward–just 500 shares combined between our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube gets everyone a complimentary PDF copy of Dinner and Dice: A Gaming Cookbook through!



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