If you haven’t been to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, you’re missing out on a fantastic mile long cosplay parade, panels about everything in fandom, the chance to meet celebrities and have your photo taken with them, and parties and dances where nerds can be geeky and fabulous!

It’s not the most gaming-centered convention, but it’s so big there’s plenty of games to rival any regional gaming con.  There’s a big game library, plenty of campaign and non-campaign RPGs on the schedule, CCG prizes to win, LAN, LARP, and all sorts of other acronyms. Most gamers don’t even try the games at DragonCon, they come for the panels on gaming and other events. Leave room for serendipity, and more time than you think for shopping!

With four floors of vendors (including us!) to shop from, odds are great you’ll pick up a souvenir or some ubertastic statement piece—something you won’t find anywhere else!

Find Carolina Game Tables on the Third Floor, Third Row, Booth 3314

Exhibitors are in the AmericasMart Building 2. Most anyone in downtown Atlanta can point you to the correct building (it’s sort of behind the Westin).

Pro tip: take the escalator/elevator to the 4th floor and shop your way down. You may have to push against the tide flowing into the ground floor at first, but you’ll be a lot more relaxed, we promise. That first floor fills up fast!

The 4th floor is Comic and Pop Artist Alley, with two rooms for panels. You won’t want to miss seeing your favorite comic artists, or find a new one!

Then go to the 3rd floor, where we’re in the third row up front! Click on the below image to see it larger.



DragonCon 2018 Specials!

So many people were happy about our Gen Con specials that we decided to offer up more for the land of the Dragons!

To get these coupon codes you or a friend need to stop by the booth at DragonCon and take a bookmark.

(If you really can’t get the coupon any other way, email us at info@carolinagametables.com and we’ll send them to you)

These specials are useful for any new order of a game table:

Coffee Game Table 

Kitchen Game Table

Dining Game Table

Streamer Game Table

Tablezilla Game Table

Specials expire September 17th, so don’t wait too long!