The Banquet Game Table is Larger than the Dining and Seats 8 Players!
It’s Smaller than Tablezilla and Sized for a Standard Dining Room!

The Banquet Game Table—a “Goldilocks” Design for $1999!

The Banquet Game Table is 7 feet long (84″) and 4 feet 2 inches wide (50″) overall. The interior play area is 62″ x 32″ (for 5 x 2.5 feet of space with 1″ of clearance all around). The Banquet Game Table’s edges are 11 inches deep for the head and foot (like Tablezilla and our Dining Game Table) for Game Masters, note takers, board game boxes or snack setups. The long sides are 9 inches deep for players.


Banquet Game Table

Dining, Banquet, and Tablezilla lined up: a foot longer as you go up!

Dining, Banquet, and Tablezilla lined up: a foot longer as you go up!

Like all of our tables, the Banquet Game Table comes with a removable dining top (its top comes in two pieces so they’re easier to store).  It is available at dining, counter, or bar height, and with or without cup holders. Chairs and Side Tables/Benches are available, made from the same sturdy Indonesian mahogany and stained to match, at dining height only.

Banquet Game Table with Dining Top


The new Banquet Game Table design should fit those who are looking to host more gamers in less space, all while keeping the high end aesthetic and quality construction Carolina Game Tables is known for.

Flash! AH-ah!

Flash! AH-ah!


Disaster Relief Cup Holder Upgrade

Carolina Game Tables and owners Jodi and Clint Black call North Carolina home, a state hard hit by Hurricane Florence in September 2018. We weathered the storm just fine (we lost a tree, little damage) as did our factory and workers. Our hearts go out to our friends in the eastern part of the state affected by flooding. Our social media feeds are filled with images posted by friends. Real people we know and care about. Moved to help them and others around the world facing or rebuilding from similar disasters, we’ve decided to use the launch of the Banquet Game Table to support a charitable cause.


Purchase “Disaster Relief Cup Holder Upgrade” for $50 with your new table purchase in lieu of paying for the usual cup holder upgrade. We’ll cover the cost of the cup holders, and donate the $50 to Lutheran World Relief. This is a savings of $100–$150 for you, and helps others!

OR Purchase “Disaster Relief Cup Holder Upgrade” for $50 now and reserve a cup holder upgrade for a table order in 2019!

This offer only lasts until December 31, 2018…but you can use it on a table purchase through December 31, 2019. Moved to give more? Purchase the item as many times as you like! You can even gift a Disaster Relief Cup Holder Upgrade to a friend. For complete details, please see our product page here.

Why Are We Offering a Deal on Cup Holders When Launching the Banquet Game Table?

Because these are our people. The world is our people. We want others to feel empowered to act, too.

We are called to pray for others in adversity and to go beyond “thoughts and prayers” to be people of action. This is why we chose Lutheran World Relief as our charitable partner. 

Lutheran World Relief assists with disaster response in the United States and abroad, both immediately and long term to build resilient communities. We’ve been involved with this organization through our church for decades and seen the good they’ve done. We appreciate that they serve people without regard to religious affiliation, which allows them to help in areas prohibited to other “evangelical” church groups. Read Lutheran World Relief’s FAQ here. 

Before we sign off…if you’re looking for the current tables we have for sale in our showroom (pickup from Hickory, NC, only, no delivery options available), please see this page