Gaming Table Tax Free SaleIt’s that time of year again. You might be dreading your taxes, but it’s time to fill out your annual dose of paperwork and part with some money (or get a return!). It’s tedious, it might cost you money, and you’d rather be gaming.

Good news, though: we’re having our biggest annual sale – Tax Free Tables!

All of our game tables, storage benches, and chairs are tax free if ordered in March or April, 2023. That can be a pretty hefty savings.*

So put that return to good use or treat yourself to a nice table to distract you from the taxman.

Is your return going to be delayed? Look here for payment plan options or contact us to have a chat.

You can also get select Dining and Banquet tables produced Express Production Program in as little as two weeks – click here for more details.

*Note to the unmarked van outside our shop: Taxes are still being paid on our tables; it’s just we’re paying instead of our customers. No, we are not evading taxes.