Doesn’t the tax man take enough this time of year?

We’re saying “No more!” and making all of our tables tax free through April 2021.

This includes all of our Express Tables. Those are going fast! We have only ten Cherry-finished Banquet Game Tables eligible for the program at the time of this announcement. If you want to get your table produced in as little as two weeks, this is your last chance to get a Cherry-finished table, tax free!
Already have a table but want to take it to the next level? Order Storage Benches or Chairs and we’ll pay the tax on those, too!

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Financing and Payment Options

Unable to afford the whole table up front? Don’t worry, we offer payment options up to six payments. And yes, those future payments will also be tax free.

You can also take a look at PayPal Pay Later. We include a one-click checkout button for it on each product page. Some customers receive 0% financing over 12 months!

Our estimate for production (of non-Express tables) is currently six months due to the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about that here.

You can also get select Dining and Banquet tables produced Express in as little as two weeks – click here for more details.

Have questions? Email You can also click here to schedule an individual consultation with Jodi. Thanks!

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