Clint and I are showing Carolina Game Tables at PAX South convention in San Antonio, TX, Jan. 29-31, 2016. We’re also happy to talk to anyone about Savage Worlds and Pinnacle, of course—but look for us in the Carolina Game Tables booth. We plan to have a Savage Worlds demo game on the Tablezilla game table, so if you haven’t had a chance to try the game, you can both see the table and play the demo!

We just learned we’ll be in Booth 13106 at PAX South. Mark your map and plan accordingly—we’d love to see you!

Tablezilla Prototype top off

Tablezilla shown in Sagamore Hill finish and Tan fabric.

Tablezilla Game Table

Tablezilla was the first design announced after the Kickstarter, and a couple of Kickstarter backers “traded up” for it. Our first customers, who bought the prototype Dining Game Table off the floor at Gen Con Indy 2015, have also placed an order for Tablezilla because they love the design so much! They use the Dining Game Table in their kitchen, and Tablezilla is planned for their game room.

Tablezilla is 8 feet long and 4.83 feet (58″) wide, with an interior play area of 6.1 feet (74″) by 3 feet, and 11 inch edges all around. The table top is in two pieces which join together in the middle and use the edges around the play area for support, so nothing mars your table felt (except you). Tablezilla is priced at $2199 and ships 16 weeks from the order date.

Tablezilla is built to seat 8 comfortably, although a whopping 12 can sit at this table with 2 feet of edge to themselves—the Side Tables/Benches are a great and flexible way to accommodate those extra seating options!

Photo Ops at PAX South

We can’t wait to take a lot more photos of Tablezilla at PAX South, and we hope you will take photos and share them online, too! Please tag Carolina Game Tables if you share images of the table or either of us (Clint and Jodi Black). We’re on Facebook, Google+, and  Twitter (@game_tables).

If you’re interested in placing an order for your own custom made Carolina Game Table look for Clint and Jodi at PAX South!