The new Cabinet Game Table design is nearly finalized and we’ve set a date for the Kickstarter!

Save the Date!

The Kickstarter for the Cabinet Game Table will run from November 9th through the 27th.

Since it would end on the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to extend longer than the original two weeks, and finish on Cyber-Monday for folks who might wait till the last minute. If you want to check out our last Kickstarter (the one we used to launch this business) go here.

New Cabinet Game Table Design

So, how about that new design? I don’t want to give too much away yet, but we have a render of what the newly designed cabinet will look like below.


The first thing you may notice is there is no door on the front (the part that originally lowered to become the table). That means when the table isn’t in use, it’s easy to access and display everything on the cabinet shelves and open the drawers.

We’ll provide more information on the table and other aspects of the new design in later updates, but for now, let us leave you with one super-cool feature we love and think you will too. The table will be reversible! It will have a flat wood top on one side (like originally designed, great for a small crafts area or dining) AND a gaming side on the other with a one-inch lip and fabric-lined play area interior. So your dice won’t fall off the table!

Yep, it’s not just a cabinet and one type of table, it has two options like our other game tables. “Game Tables for Real Life” to us means it’s great for everyday dining and use as well as for gaming. Our new cabinet design will embrace the same multi-functionality.

We should have renders showing the two variations in our next update, so keep a look out for it and thanks for all your support!