Ask Me (Us) Anything! Friday July 14, 2017 1pm Eastern

We (Clint and Jodi) will be doing an AMA on boardgames sub-reddit ( Friday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Please join us and ask about game tables, our work with Savage Worlds, or anything (pretty much what an Ask Me Anything is all about).

Christmas Deadline is NOW!

We can’t guarantee a table ordered today will get there in time for Christmas, but it’s a lot more likely if you can get it in before the end of July!

If you live farther away from us (we’re looking at you, Washington and Oregon friends), it’s even more important you place your order now to try and have it arrive in time for Christmas! While our production time averages 16 weeks, White Glove Delivery time gets backed up at the holidays.

New Top Design

We recently noticed a few issues where tops were slightly bowed in shipping. It was enough to warrant looking back at our design. In normal use, our tops hold up fine, but we really want them to stand up to a bit more just in case.

So we’ve redesigned construction of the tops for all of our tables. They are slightly thicker (going from about 2/3 of an inch to a full inch thick), but otherwise look the same. The primary changes are inside.


The mahogany veneer we use remains the same, but we’re switching to dual layers of MDF sandwiching a layer of plywood. The edge of the top will now be solid wood, just like the rest of the table. The goal as before is strength, appearance, and a balanced weight for removal and replacement.

The real strength, though, comes from an inset frame of aluminum running all along the inner edge of the top. This internal metal bracing will be completely hidden inside the wood, but provide unmatched resistance to warping.

Everyone with a table in production as of this time is getting one of these new tops. In some cases, this means a delay in receiving their order, but we would rather provide the best quality we can. (We sent an email earlier this week if you missed it!)

The big question is whether this affects our prices. For the tables themselves, no, it won’t. We’re sticking with our existing pricing there. We will have to increase the cost for each of the replacement table tops by $25, but for our existing customers who may want the new top, we aren’t going to increase the price until August 15th.

Coffee Game Table Replacement Top $150 $125

Kitchen Game Table Replacement Top $175 $150

Dining Game Table Replacement Top $225 $200

Streamer Game Table Replacement Top $300 $275 

Tablezilla Game Table Replacement Top $425 $400

Until August 15th, every purchase of a replacement table top comes with an automatic $25 discount to negate the increase due to the new construction. If you already have a table and want one of the new “super tops,” you have a month to order one at the old price.

Note that we do expect there to be some increase in the weight of the tops, so for those with a Dining Game Table, the new Two Piece Top option may be more preferable for ease of use.