Tablezilla is coming! Run for your lives!


Aw, he wants to destroy a city

Oh, it’s just a pin? OK, that’s less likely to crush our business district, but we should probably keep an eye on it.

But seriously, we’ve started offering cute enamel pins of everyone’s favorite monster of a table. This version is only 1.5 inches across, as opposed to 8′ long and nearly 5′ wide, so it’s much more portable. It fits great on bags, lanyards, or the lapel of your tuxedo.

We had them as a sneak peak  at PAX Unplugged 2022, but if you missed them there, you can still snag one to wear to cons, give a friend who owns a ‘Zilla, or maybe someone who just likes pins.

Click here to take a gander and bring home your very own little Tablezilla today.


(Table not included)

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