We can’t waPAX South 2017 mapit to see our Texas friends in San Antonio for PAX South January 27-29, 2017! We are in Booth 10055.

Find Carolina Game Tables in the Exhibit Hall

If you enter from the Queue Hall, follow the right hand wall through the labyrinth of booths until you find us.

If you enter from the PC  Room or Tabletop hall, look for the left hand wall and follow along it. Either way, we’re easy to find at PAX South!

Click here to see our PAX South 2017 Exhibit Hall map in a larger resolution, or click on the image.

What Else Can I See at PAX South?

Oh, a LOT.

Video games take center stage at any PAX convention, and PAX South has plenty. You’ll get to play games before they’re released, talk to game developers, and hang out with game enthusiasts like yourself. Some people like to cosplay as their favorite video game character, the more obscure the better! But you won’t feel out of place in a T-shirt and jeans.

Tabletop is bigger at PAX South than any of the other PAX conventions. So if board games, card games, or tabletop roleplaying games (like our own award-winning Savage Worlds) are your thing, this is the show to see! We’ll have Savage Worlds core rules available for sale in the Carolina Game Tables booth (10055) and Clint and I love to talk about our game developer experiences—and our furniture experience! There should be demo games of Savage Worlds in the Tabletop hall often throughout the convention.

Panels on everything from web comics, breaking into the industry, and Game Master advice pepper the schedule like sprinkles on a cupcake. Mmm…cupcakes.

Penny Arcade drives the organization that brings you the PAX conventions, so if you’re a Penny Arcade fan you just don’t want to miss it! One of the things they’ve become known for is their Dungeons & Dragons group, Acquisitions Incorporated. We’re proud to be a sponsor of Acquisitions, Incorporated: The Series and you can see one of our tables in their videos! They have a mega Acquisitions Incorporated live play event at PAX South from 2–5pm Saturday. Add it to your schedule!

The evenings offer the option to keep gaming or participate in live music shows from SuperMES, Urizen, and Descendants of Erdrick on Friday,  and the OneUps, Viking Guitar, and Bit Brigade on Saturday!

The complete schedule is here, and shows they pack a lot of diversity into one convention. If you come to PAX South, be sure to stop by the Carolina Game Tables Booth (10055) and say howdy. 🙂