We’re getting ready to hit the road for Boston, MA, and PAX East, but we’re bursting with news about our new offices!

New Offices in Hickory, NC

For those of you who’ve supported us from our humble Kickstarter beginnings, you’ll understand just how excited we are about this. Until recently we’ve worked Carolina Game Tables partly from our home office (which is where Jodi also manages Pinnacle Entertainment Group as COO and Managing Editor), and partly from Old Hickory Tannery (where Clint works as Vice President for his father’s factory).

Now we have our own space! It’ll have a showroom, offices, warehouse…it’s a dream come true for us. Thank YOU for helping us get here.

We’re tentatively planning an Open House for Saturday, April 22nd. If you live within a day trip of Hickory, NC, we hope you’ll join us. 

Now, PAX East!

PAX started in 2004 with the folks at Penny Arcade who decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. After all, games are just as cool as comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies, right? Bursting out of their old venue from doubling each year, they expanded into Boston for PAX East in 2010 with tens of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year.

PAX East has tabletop boardgames (with games for all ages), console freeplay, a PC area, a handheld lounge, panels, an exhibit hall with all the con goodies, concerts and Ommegathon where the lone survivor of six games wins a trip to Japan.

Our booth for Carolina Game Tables is booth #10109. We’re close to the PAX Australia Road Show.

The Boston Convention Center has a grand entrance for their Exhibit Hall: ride down one of two escalators, taking in the view of all there is to see and do! To find us, take the left escalator down and then walk straight down that aisle. You should walk past Microsoft and Rooster Teeth. When you get to the PAX Australia Road Show, take a left. We’re on the left. Left…Left…Left…couldn’t be easier. 🙂

Here’s a map to help you find us:

Pax East Exhibit Hall Map

Come out to experience the fun!