Our new Chairs and Side Tables/Benches will better match your game table, and they’ll be made out of the same Indonesian Mahogany as the tables! The Mahogany is farm sourced, sustainable (NOT the kill-the-rainforest-kind), and has a fine grain, meaning the finish takes easily and lasts for a very long time. For more about the construction of our tables (and now Chairs and Side Tables/Benches!) go here.

This does not affect the game table prices. They remain $899 for a Coffee Game Table, $1199 for a Kitchen Game Table, $1599 for a Dining Room Game Table, $2199 for a Tablezilla Game Table, and $1999 for a Streamer Game Table.

What’s Wrong With the Old Chairs?

Nothing but looks! In pursuit of a cheaper price, we previously used a different source for our chairs and side tables/benches for the past year. The “old” chairs are made from sturdy hardwood, but the wood did not take the stain as evenly as they did on the tables. While none of our customers have complained, we just didn’t like it. We want to deliver a high quality product, and we felt the old chairs and benches were just not living up to the job—they were sturdy enough, but not as pretty as they could be.


Kitchen Game Table Set (they added their own cushions) in Elm finish with Dark Brown fabric. Photo by Tony. Thanks, Tony!

New Set Prices Effective Immediately

$249 One Side Table/Bench

$349 One Chair

$2399 Kitchen Table Set: One Kitchen Game Table and four matching Chairs (Save about $200!)

$3299 Kitchen Ultimate Set: One Kitchen Game Table, four matching Chairs, and four matching Side Tables/Benches (Save about $300!)

$3399 Dining Room Table Set: One Dining Room Game Table and six matching Chairs (Save about $300!)

$4699 Dining Room Table Ultimate Set: One Dining Room Table Table, six matching Chairs, and six matching Side Tables/Benches (Save about $500!)

$4599 Tablezilla Set: One Tablezilla Game Table and eight matching Chairs (Save about $400!)

$6299 Tablezilla Ultimate Set: One Tablezilla Game Table, eight matching Chairs, and eight Side Tables/Benches (Save about $700!)