151217 Kickstarter update


Bring your love for games to the living room, den, or even as a child-sized game table: Announcing the new Coffee Game Table from Carolina Game Tables! Gamers can sit on the floor to play, or use a Side Table/Bench for seating.

The table top play area is 32” x 48” and is 20” high. Clearance under the table is 17″. With the top removed, it has a 4” edge on all sides and an inset 24” x 40” play area. It’s available in all the same finish and fabric options as our other tables, but comes in at a price of just $899!

Dinner and Dice!

Dinner and Dice: a Gaming Cookbook is a collection of recipes and first person game anecdotes from game industry professionals. Originally produced as a stretch goal for the Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter, you will find appetizers, entrees, and desserts from the people who make the games you love!

Buy it here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/168959/Dinner-and-Dice-a-Gaming-Cookbook

Each author includes a look at how they think about games and food with a first hand game anecdote.

You’ll learn what Jason Buhlman served for one memorable Halloween, and what Emily Care Boss prepared for “Matrimonicon.”

Hear about the famous ratatouille Marsha White ate and why Steve Kenson‘s character sheets are always spotted with cheese.

Monica Valentinelli wrote a poem in iambic pentameter, The Seven Levels of a Roleplaying Group, and Ivan Van Norman talks about traffic in L.A.

Get a peek inside the minds of the people who make games and a tasty, time-tested recipe to boot!

Plan the best Game Night foodstuffs with over 25 recipes from:

Tracy Barnett
Elizabeth Bauman
Kennon Bauman
Clint Black
Jodi Black
Jason L. Blair
Emily Care Boss
Kerry Breitenstein
Jason Bulmahn
Hans Cummings
Alex Flagg
Christopher Helton
Andy Hopp
Steve Kenson
Kevin Kulp
Tony Law
Nicole Lindroos
Prof. Christopher McGlothlin
Jason Morningstar
Rob Schwalb
Katie Tower
Monica Valentinelli
Ivan Van Norman
Marsha White
Scott Woodard

PLEASE NOTE: This product is compiled of recipes from American authors and nonmetric measuring is used throughout.