If you’ve never been to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, you better take a friend who’s been before. The maze of hotels, skywalks, and streets all named Peachtree is VERY confusing. I called the AmericasMart to figure out how to tell you to get to my booth. Er…you might want to print this out. Or save my maps to your phone.

Vendor Schedule

Friday 12-7pm

Saturday and Sunday  10am-7pm

Monday (get in FREE! read below) 10am–5pm

DragonCon mapEasiest, Most Direct

The Hyatt hotel is sandwiched between Peachtree Center Ave NE and Peachtree St. NE—”Center” is between it and the Marriott Marquis hotel. The circle drive exits onto Peachtree St. NE.

Exit the Hyatt at the circle drive and take a left, crossing at John Portman Blvd. You may want to cross twice so you end up catty-corner to the Hyatt. Look at the map; it’ll make more sense.

Walk one block on John Portman Blvd. to the intersection with Ted Turner Blvd. (Just to make things more confusing, most local people know Ted Turner Blvd. as Spring Street. They changed the name in 2015). Cross Ted Turner Blvd. to get to the entrance there on the corner.

The AmericasMart Building 2 is handily marked with a GIANT RED COLUMN. That’s where you want to go in, my friend.

You’ll enter the lobby and take the escalators up twice to reach the 3rd floor. There are also elevators for those who need it.

From the Westin Hotel

A lot of my customers have told me they’re staying at the Westin, so here’s the best way I know to get to my booth without touching a hot, humid, city street.

Cross the skywalk from the 2nd floor of the Westin (it’s actually so short you may not notice it’s a skywalk) into AmericasMart Building 1, Floor 2.

Turn left and  take the escalators down to Floor 1. Fair warning; this floor is usually the most crowded. It may actually be easier to take the street after all.

Turn left and take the skywalk over to AmericasMart Building 2, Floor 2. (Note you’re crossing from Bldg. 1 Floor 1 to Bldg. 2 Floor 2. Atlanta!).

I’ve been told you’ll enter the main lobby there. Take the escalators up one level to Floor 3.

DragonCon 2016 booth locationNow, a Floor Map!

Carolina Game Tables is located in Booth 811, AmericasMart Bldg. 2, Floor 3. We’re on the main aisle so exit the lobby and walk straight back through the Exhibit Hall almost to the rear escalators. We’re on the left.

Truly get lost? Text me (Jodi) at 828-409-0959 and I’ll try to walk you through it…literally.

Monday is the Best Day to Shop

Labor Day Monday is the last day of the convention, and it’s the best day to shop the Exhibit Hall! Some vendors have sold out by this day, so if there’s something in particular you’re coming to buy, don’t wait. They don’t show up if there’s nothing to sell, but we’ll be there.

I’ve discussed it with con organizers and if you did not buy a badge but want to see my tables, they will let you in for FREE on the last day, Labor Day. That’s right, they promised me you don’t have to pay just to visit one booth in the hall! (Of course, your eyes may wander as you walk through the hall…)

The Exhibitors will be open from 10am—5pm on Monday, so don’t wait. 

If you have any trouble getting in on Monday, please call me(Jodi) at 828-409-0959.