As grateful as we are, we’re also aware there have been ups, downs, and :O moments galore. So, we wanted to do a livestream to clear up some frequently asked questions about our business, the shipping crisis, COVID, and everything that’s happened over the past year, plus what the next few months will look like for us. But, not everyone wants to see Jodi and I ramble about whatever, so to that end, we’re throwing it over to y’all to send us the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

Got something you want to know? Send us your questions on this Google Form. We’ll answer your questions during our Twitch Livestream on July 8th at 8pm Eastern. You can also fire away during the livestream itself. You can see the schedule and join us on Twitch here.

If you can’t make the livestream, we’ll post it on YouTube later. And please know how grateful we are for your continued support. If you have any questions, email us at