We’ll make this short and sweet: cleaning of your Carolina Game Table if you already have one, so you can rest assured you’re using the best products to protect your investment and your family.

We’ve added a new page to the website with these cleaning instructions so they are easy to find, under the Construction tab.

Cleaning Your Carolina Game Table

We conferred with the factory, our fabric supplier, and referred to household cleaning for coronavirus-19 guidelines by the CDC to compile these suggestions.

  1. CLEAN the fabric in the play area of your Carolina Game Table with a lint roller to pick up dust and particulates. If necessary for big messes, a vacuum cleaner may be used with an upholstery attachment—be sure not to apply full suction to the fabric such that it “bubbles” up.
    Remove food stains by picking up solid debris. Always blot liquids, never rub (rubbing pushes the stain into the fabric). Clean with a household cleaner you’ve already tested on the underside of the dining top–if it doesn’t leave a ring or bleach mark it’s safe to use. We find most stains are removed using dishwashing soap suds. Rinse with distilled water. It may take a few rounds of suds and water to completely remove the stain.
  2. DISINFECT the fabric in the play area by lightly spraying Lysol Disinfectant Spray. A fine mist is all that is required to disinfect the area.
  3. CLEAN your table’s hard surfaces (edges and table top) with soap and water. A washcloth soaped up with hot water in the sink, wrung out, and then carried to the table is sufficient and reusable. A second clean washcloth should be used to dry the table. Paper towels can also be used. Do not touch the fabric of your game table if any bleach is in the soap.
  4. DISINFECT your table’s hard surfaces with a Lysol or Clorox disposable wipe. Neither of these products actually has any bleach in it, according to the ingredients on the container, but they are still approved by the CDC for disinfecting for COVID-19.
  5. We don’t recommend a diluted bleach solution for disinfection …but we know sometimes it’s the only thing you’ve got around. CDC recommends a solution of 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water. Be especially careful of the seam on a dining top and around play edges so the bleach solution does not get on your fabric.

Stay safe, friends. These are scary times for us all. Please know we are praying for you, even as we gather our children close and hunker down for the interim. We’ve also heard of changes to our White Glove Delivery service (we’ll share more once we’ve sorted that out).

While completely for the best, being unable to attend conventions during this time severely limits our ability to get our tables in front of new eyes.

If you want to help us, please share our website and social media posts!