The holiday rush is upon us, and we have lots of tables shipping out to homes across the country. In the past week we’ve seen deliveries to MD, TX, IL, OH—and this week to CA, MN, CO, and FL. If you haven’t heard from us, we’re not mourning our Kickstarter. We’re helping families have the best gaming Christmas EVER and making plans for the new year!

Cabinet Kickstarter…Success?

The Cabinet Game Table Kickstarter didn’t fund, but to us that’s as much a success as if it did. The point was to determine if it was a viable design before investing more money in it. We not only saved money but got a better idea of what designs are most appealing. We’ll be able to channel that information and capital into our next design (already in the works; we hope to talk more about this after Christmas).

Save the Date (April 28) for International Tabletop Day!

We moved into our new offices this past year and it’s been great having a single location to work, show samples, and handle customer pick-ups (you knew picking up your table for free is an option, right?). We had an Open House last April and plan to celebrate our Open House anniversary each year in conjunction with International Tabletop Day on the last Saturday of April (save the date: April 28th!).

We love to have folks join us, and it’s a great idea to combine gaming with us and picking up a table. Here’s the kicker though, if you want to pick up your table on April 28th, we need the order in before the factory closes for Christmas on December 22nd.

That’s just two weeks away, so if you’ve been on the fence (or want to squeeze in one last ultra-present), it’s time to do it!

Here are some quick links for you, showing the 50% deposit required to place an order.

Your 50% balance is invoiced in March 2018, and if you cannot pick up your order—that’s free—we’ll invoice you for shipping once the table is complete (target April).

$450 deposit on a Coffee Game Table (the Coffee will probably fit in your backseat!)

$600 deposit on a Kitchen Game Table 

$800 deposit on a Dining Game Table 

$1100 deposit on a Tablezilla Game Table (you’ll need a trailer to take Zilla home…just fair warning!)

holiday_tables-coffee  holiday_tables-kitchen  holiday_tables-dining  holiday_tables-tablezilla

Convention Dates for 2018

The conventions this past year have been phenomenal with the added bonus of attending the very first PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia (a PAX dedicated to tabletop gaming). It was a great convention for us in many ways, and we can’t wait see what they have in store for next year.

2018 will also bring another first for us as Carolina Game Tables has its own space at Gen Con! Finally! As those who have attended the past two years know, we’ve shown there but under the banner of our friends at Studio 2 Publishing. This will mark the first year (of many we hope) where we will be listed in the program under our own name and space number. It’s a very competitive process to get into the Exhibit Hall at Gen Con, and we’re over the moon about finally getting our own spot on the map.

Shortly after Christmas, we kick off 2018 with PAX South in San Antonio, January 12-14. Check out the rest of our convention schedule here. We can’t wait to see you!