Welcome to Carolina Game Tables!

We’re excited to launch the website with the help of some very important people:

Our Family. This is a family business, run by Clint and Jodi Black, with the help of our daughters (at conventions mostly). We’d like to thank Willard Black for his mentorship as a furniture designer and business owner. And we’d like to honor the lives of Willie and A.J. “Rabbit” Hardin, Clint’s grandparents, for beginning this path more than fifty years ago.

Our Backers. Seventy-one people supported the launch of this business with our Kickstarter. Thank you all!

Squid and Crow. Thanks to Brendan and Sara Quinn for designing a beautiful website and being such good friends!

Shane Hensley. Thanks for giving us a spot in the Pinnacle booth at Gen Con to showcase our new business. And thanks for being an excellent mentor in the game industry and more importantly, our friend, for the past <redacted> years. 🙂

The Demaree Family. Thanks for being our first customers, and for being a pest about a bigger table. Tablezilla is a credit to your enthusiasm for our product and trust in our experience. Thank you!

Our Workers. Thank you for your professionalism, commitment to quality, and dedication to our business.

Now, let’s get to work and make some tables!