At this point all but a couple of our Kickstarter tables have been delivered, and two of the backers have written reviews! contributor Gerry wrote a Kickstarter Loot Review. Click on the photo below to read the whole article; below is a snippet from the review.

“I am truly amazed at a six month turnaround on any Kickstarter, especially one involving master craftsmanship of this level. While simple, the table is sturdy, well-joined and beautiful. we chose the cherry finish with dark blue felt, making for a rich, dark combination. The 3-inch deep play area accommodates most games well, and you can replace the solid top while the game is still deployed.”


The Rules Lawyer, Matt, wrote a lengthy review in his blog. Click on the photo below the snippet to read all of it!

The table far exceeds our expectations. It’s gorgeous, with a shiny finish. It’s so heavy that I can barely lift a corner by myself, which, to be fair, isn’t saying much as I’m a skinny nerd, but the point remains. It’s extremely sturdy, and could easily withstand all the leaning and stress a high action board game could bring on it. The lid covers the entire table, and looks amazing in our kitchen. Almost too amazing. A table this nice deserves far better decor.


Several of the Kickstarter backers have shared photos of their tables with us–thank you all! Check out a bunch of them at our latest Kickstarter Update post by clicking on the photo below, sent by Scott.

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