We’re announcing some temporary changes to how the Express Production Program works.

The good news is Express Production is very popular and delivers tables faster than traditional custom built production. However, with the logistical issues that continue to be a problem for every industry, we’re no longer able to promise your table will be finished in only two weeks. Frankly, we no longer have the back-stock we need.

The upside is if you order an Express Program table, you will get your table sent out sooner than with traditional custom build ordering. We cannot offer all table designs or options for the Express Program due to how these are made, but they are our best selling designs and might suit what you’re looking for. If not, then check out the other designs, all of which have an average six month production time–we call those the custom built tables.

How the Express Production Program Works

This next part goes a little into “how the sausage is made” but we think it’s important. This is how we manage the Express Production Program with our custom built tables.

First, it’s important to note that Express Production tables are pre-built and warehoused until a sale is made, then finished. The build time on these is actually longer than six months, but you don’t see that. Custom build tables—anything other than Express Production—are given higher priority for building at the factory. The Express Program tables are only worked on when the factory employees are finished with their work for the day and cannot work on custom build orders for our company or any of the other companies using their facility.

This helps fill employee hours and keeps the factory working at full capacity when staff are available. And it means we constantly have something for our Express Program rolling out.

Most people with an Express Program table on backorder are waiting about two months for their table to finish production right now. That’s a lot faster than our six month average production on custom built tables!

And if you see an Express Program table in stock on our website, that means there’s no more build time required, really. We can usually ship it out within two weeks.

This Can’t Last Forever… Right?

As stated before these are temporary changes due to the world environment right now. Sourcing parts continues to be a rolling challenge because of the shipping container crisis and manufacturing woes at our supply partners. Labor shortages come and go due to Covid and because, well, every industry is short-staffed these days.

Thank you for your patience and we all look forward to when our production tempo returns to normal.

Happy gaming,

Jodi Black, President, Carolina Game Tables