Our first customer, Josh Demaree, bought a Carolina Game Tables Dining Room Game Table off the floor at Gen Con 2015. He sends us photos of the table in action all the time—He’s super cool like that. I think his photos do a great job of showing how easy it is to use our table for a variety of games.

The Dining Room Game Table has an inset 32″ x 50″ play area is 3 inches deep and covered in velveteen cloth.The overall table is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, and designed to seat 6 people comfortably. This gives you two play areas to choose from. The inset play area is great for games where you want to reach everything easily. The table top is perfect for everyday dining and can be used like any table for gaming.

Here are my favorites so far:

Zombicide in the Dining Room Game Table

Zombicide on a Dining Room Table by Carolina Game Tables

Zombicide by Guillotine Games on the Dining Room Table (shown in Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy fabric). Click the photo for a higher resolution image.



The Captain is Dead on the Dining Room Game Table Top

The Captain is Dead by The Game Crafter on the Carolina Game Table Dining Room Table top (all our tables come with a top—how else do you use it as a dining room table?). Shown in Classic French Couture finish. Click the photo for a higher resolution image.

The Captain is Dead on a Dining Game Table by Carolina Game Tables





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We have a 5 month turnaround time for delivery, and you can choose between 4 finish options and 7 fabric options. Got questions? Email Jodi at gametablejodi@gmail.com