Our first customers, Josh and Deb Demaree, continue to send us beautiful photos of board games played on their Dining Room Game Table. Thanks guys!

Six Months and Still Looking Good!

They brought their table home from Gen Con 2015—about 6 months ago. We planned for a table design that can withstand daily use and still look good, and their photos of board games prove it.

Josh and Deb have the Dining Game Table in their kitchen and use it every day with their toddler. Look at that photo of Forbidden Desert on the table top they use every day. The finish looks great!

This table has the Classic French Couture finish and Burgundy fabric lining the play area. More Burgundy fabric lines the underside of the table top to reduce scratching on the play area edges. Look at those photos of Settlers of Catan—not a scratch in sight, and plenty of room for a snack and a drink on the edge.

Josh and Deb love it so much they ordered a Tablezilla for their game room! I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.

Settlers of Catan Board Game, Published by Mayfair

Settlers of Catan Board Game, published by Mayfair

Settlers of Catan played on a Dining Game Table

Settlers of Catan is one of our favorite competitive board games and great for the whole family. Even my parents will play Catan!  You can buy Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games.

Pandemic Board Game, Published by Z-Man Games

Pandemic Board Game, published by Z-Man Games

Pandemic played on a Dining Game Table

Pandemic seems to be a favorite for both the Demaree and Black families. This cooperative board game can be pretty deadly—unless you work well together the epidemic will kill you all! Buy it here from Z-Man Games.

Forbidden Desert Board Game, Published by Gamewright

Forbidden Desert Board Game, published by Gamewright

Forbidden Desert played on a Dining Game Table–on the table top! That finish still looks good!

Forbidden Desert has all the best elements of a steampunk airship, a race against the sands of the desert, and cooperative game strategy.  Buy it here from Gamewright.

Whether you play board games, tabletop RPGs, card games, or jigsaw puzzles, check out the variety of tables available from Carolina Game Tables today! They’re game tables…for real life.