Owners Clint and Jodi Black travel to BGG.Con (BoardGameGeek, the Con) in Dallas, TX, Nov. 9–13, 2022.

BGG.con is host for the fans of boardgamegeek.com and offers up many new games to play, some still in development. Any gamer worth their meeples will enjoy this one! Jodi and Clint are looking forward to playtesting some of the newer games and giving a home base for folks to meet Mike Barbeau and Simon Lucas of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. To sign up for the new Ghost Rock Games newsletter, go here.

Come visit the booth for Carolina Game Tables and see our sturdy and beautiful construction for yourself. Photos and videos just cannot do the quality justice until you can touch it.

If you want a great deal on a Game Table, there are two tables available for sale RIGHT THERE at the convention!

Customers of these “As Is” tables must be able to pick up the tables Sunday evening at the end of the convention, but they’ll save $735-$750 on shipping based on today’s rates for White Glove Delivery–which is usually the cheapest way to deliver your furniture.

$2549 As Is Dining Game Table with 6 Cup Holders in Cherry Finish and Dark Blue Fabric

$2799 As Is 5×5 Game Table in French Couture with 4 Cup Holders and Emerald Green Fabric

If you are local to the Dallas, TX, area and want to snag one of these beauties, please text Jodi Black at 828-276-2390. Or stop by the booth and talk to Jodi and Clint.
If you have questions about placing an order, please contact us at info@carolinagametables.com.