As we covered in our AMA Livestream last month, a lot has changed over the past two years. Both materials and production are more expensive than they were. It’s not cheap making sturdy, quality gaming furniture that lasts decades. We’ve held off as long as we could, but it’s time for our tables to increase in price.

The new prices, effective October 1st, are:


  • Coffee Game Table $1599 
  • Kitchen Game Table $1899
  • Dining Game Table $2849 
    • Express Production on Select Models: Add $300
  • 5×5 Game Table $2899
  • Banquet Game Table $3499
    • Express Production on Select Models: Add $300
  • Streamer Game Table $3599
  • Tablezilla Game Table $3799

Seating Options:*

  • Stool: $599
  • Chair: $799
  • Storage Bench: Single $999/Double $1499
*Discounts apply to orders of two or more

Replacement Top Prices:

  • Coffee Game Table Top $399 
  • Kitchen Game Table Top $399
  • Dining Game Table Top  $599
  • 5×5 Game Table Top  $699
  • Banquet Game Table Top $999
  • Streamer Game Table Top $999
  • Tablezilla Game Table Top $1099

All of the above prices are effective October 1st, 2021. That means if you place an order before October, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Again, we didn’t want to raise prices, but like a lot of businesses, we’re in a tough spot after COVID. Doing business is just more expensive, and we hope y’all understand that we need to stay profitable.

If you’d like to learn more and you missed our AMA, you can check it out on YouTube here.

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Thank you for being loyal customers and we wish you happy gaming!