We’re thrilled to announce Carolina Game Tables’ new Express Program! These game tables are pre-built and ready to ship once your desired fabric color is applied to the play area. Shipping is invoiced separately.

Express Program Options

Customers purchasing an Express Program table choose from Carolina Game Tables’ most popular designs—the Dining Game Table and Banquet Game Table—and the two most popular finish colors of Sagamore Hill and Cherry. Express Program tables are at dining height and have cup holders.

All fabric color options are available for your Express Program table play area: Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Emerald Green, Grey, Purple, or Tan. The fabric under the dining top is Black.

All dining tops in the Express Program have Black fabric underneath and are in two pieces.

A Little Background on the Express Program…

Let’s be clear. We say “Two Week Production” but it takes a lot longer than two weeks to make one of our tables. The Express Program tables are pre-built and only need the play area fabric added before final inspection. So it’s more like “two week production at this point from the time you order” but that’s not great for advertising. 🙂

Last year about this time, the factory we contract with to build our tables came to us. We apparently give them more business than they expected us to—in an age when furniture manufacturing is a dicey business to start. They wanted to help us grow.

In our build process there’s a lot of wait involved, especially when it comes to the drying time of finishing. The main expense in adding the Express Program tables to their build schedule—which fills up spare employee time—is the added warehousing. We said YES.

The Express Program is a win for all involved. For our customers who want a table ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. For the factory to keep their employees WORKING.

Then COVID-19 hit. This pushed us back in launching the Express Program by about four months. Our first concern was for our current customers’ tables before continuing to build these tables. At this point, we feel we can commit to both our usual “build to order” customers and continue to build Express Program tables as the factory can.

This does mean the pre-built supply of tables is limited. But the factory is always building more! If we run out of Express Program tables we’ll announce when more are ready via social media.

What Happens After an Express Program Order is Placed?

These pre-built tables only need the customer’s chosen fabric to be applied to the play area, and the table inspected. While that is happening, Carolina Game Tables staff confer with the customer about shipping. For the latest shipping information during this pandemic, please read this page.

Once the Express Program table clears final inspection, we invoice the customer for shipping. After that’s paid, the table is on its way! Delivery can take anywhere from a week (Curbside or LTL) to nine weeks (White Glove). The longest delivery time is for customers in rural areas farther away from North Carolina, and using the White Glove Delivery service.

Another Option: “As Is” Tables

As fast as the Express Program is, we do have some tables available immediately! The tables available on our “As Is” page change depending on several factors, so email [email protected] for information.

When dealing with the volume of tables we make and deliver, every now and then something goes a little sideways. A table is damaged in delivery, or a table doesn’t clear final inspection at the factory (but it’s still in pretty decent shape). These are our “discount” tables!

You Can Still Order a (Normal) Carolina Game Table!

#RealCustomerPhoto of a Tablezilla in Elm and Burgundy from Jeff!

The Express Program is not all we do–just the latest thing. You can order a “large and in charge” Tablezilla, “fits pretty much anywhere” Coffee Game Table, or even a Banquet or Dining Game Table in the finish colors of Elm or French Couture, which are not included in the Express Program.

We estimate the production time on these table orders at six months. Part of that is because we still don’t know what’s going to happen with the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re settling into the routine of spread apart workstations, reduced staff, extra cleaning, and other precautions. But there’s still a lot about this virus we don’t know about, and we would rather under-promise and over-deliver.

If you have any questions, email [email protected].