We ran a Holiday Photo Contest for our amazing customers and can’t wait to show off the winners! But first, our con schedule for 2020:

2020 Convention Schedule

Jan. 17-19 PAX South San Antonio, TX

Jan. 26-Feb. 2 Savage Cruise New Orleans, LA

Feb. 28-Mar. 1 C2E2 Chicago, IL

May 1-3 ChupacabraCon Austin, TX

Jun. 1-3 ConCarolinas Charlotte, NC

Jun. 17-21 Origins Columbus, OH

Jul. 30-Aug. 2 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 4-7 DragonCon Atlanta, GA (that’s the gaming registration website; here’s the official con page)

Nov. 13-15 MACE Charlotte, NC

Nov. 20-22 PAX Unplugged Philadelphia, PA

We hope you’ll join us at one or more of these fun shows! Want to suggest a convention? Email us at info@carolinagametables.com.

Holiday Photo Contest Winners

Jeff’s Banquet Game Table is the winner!

It was a hard decision. Here were some of the other top contenders:

We were pleasantly surprised by not just photos, but also stories and even a video uploaded to YouTube, so we decided we needed three winners! Jeff is our photo winner, Heath’s “unboxing video” of a Coffee Game Table is our video winner, and SuBai is our story winner. Check out Heath’s video here:


SuBai’s story is this:

“After debating if a game table was worth the price, we decided to jump on a Banquet from Carolina Game Tables and we are so glad we did.

“It is the focal point of our home and we use it for gaming (of course) and everyday living, for dinner, arts and crafts, and homework. Here is my husband Kent DMing our group in a D&D campaign that he made. As you can see, we were involved in some heavy combat, there was a goblin horde taking over the town.

“We especially love that in circumstances like this when we have a heavy combat session, we don’t have to put anything away, we can just put the top on and go on about our lives. We used to always use two folding tables to play and we’d have to put everything away right after because we have two young kids that would get into it. Thank goodness we don’t have to anymore, I can only imagine the hassle of having to put away each and every goblin only to have to reset up combat.

“Anyways this is our picture of us enjoying our table! You can’t tell cuz no one is smiling, In our defense, hundreds of goblins were closing in on us!”

January Photo Contest: Lighting

Each winner of the Holiday Photo Contest has been emailed a $100 VISA Gift Certificate. We had so much fun we’re doing it again! This month’s contest is “lighting:” we want to see how customers light up the room they use their table in. Projectors? Track or can lights? Chandeliers? Sconces?

Be sure to show off your Carolina Game Table in your photo, and submit them by Feb. 5th to info@carolinagametables. Submissions are used for marketing purposes, but we do not reveal geographic data, use last names, or tag customers in social media posts (unless requested).